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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate | Beitelspacher Commercial Real Estate - Fargo, ND

When looking to embark on a commercial real estate venture you need more than just funding for the property at hand...

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Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development | Beitelspacher Commercial Real Estate - Fargo, ND

There’s only one licensed broker in the Fargo, ND region with the deep knowledge of the area and professional expertise needed...

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Real Estate Leasing

Real Estate Leasing | Beitelspacher Commercial Real Estate - Fargo, ND,ND

If you’re a real estate owner in the Fargo, ND area and are looking for an agent who can broker your lease quickly and within...

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Welcome To Beitelspacher Commercial Real Estate

If you’re in the Fargo, ND area and are looking to expand your financial and business horizons through commercial real estate development then there’s only one number you need to call. Neal Beitelspacher, licensed Commercial Real Estate Agent in North Dakota and Minnesota, has spent 30 years guiding clients through the buying, selling, investment, and development of Fargo, ND real estate. Join the long list of satisfied clients today.

When it comes to commercial real estate development, no other licensed real estate broker in the Fargo, ND region has the experience in designing, contracting, and property management that comes with my agency. Clients receive the full package from initial consulting through to planning, closing, and beyond. This is what makes me, Neal Beitelspacher, the broker Fargo, ND commercial real estate developers trust the most.

With my agency you will receive the financial counselling, marketing analysis, and comprehensive development and construction assistance you need to successfully conceive and execute a commercial real estate venture. Unlike many other licensed real estate brokers, Neal Beitelspacher Commercial Real Estate Agent takes a hands on approach with every client, guiding you through the process and providing expert analysis along the way. You can always be sure you’re making the right business decisions when you’ve chosen me to work with me for your commercial real estate venture.

For a Fargo, ND licensed real estate broker with decades of experience and expertise in commercial real estate, look no further than Neal Beitelspacher Commercial Real Estate Agent. You will get the advice, analysis, and logistics you need to start your commercial real estate journey on the right foot!

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